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December 18, 2012

I rarely ever re-blog a post, but this one deserves it! Without in any way detracting from the horror of the US school killings, John does a great job of giving it some context and pointing to yet worse, if “silent” massacres. A must read.

The Critical Eye

Before you read this, I advise you that some images are graphic in nature.

I first learnt of the Newtown school shootings on the internet. As I read the details, I could not help but feel terribly sad and sorry. I am not an american,and yet I cried because what had transpired was horrible and incomprehensible on all accounts. Those little children deserved the best. I have a few little ones in our family so I know if that tragedy had befallen them what I would feel like and what I would likely do.

Families were devastated, crying people everywhere.  I read article after article. I read hundreds of comments scattered across the blogosphere about who was to blame and what should we do. Anger, frustration, shock, sadness, outcry, moderation, everyone had something to say, everyone felt connected. Little angels was the word used almost everywhere, Facebook feeds were filled with 20 stars and a message “20 little angels went to heaven”.

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