Dust Bunny Grace

This is a short poem about immanence, the truth that God is everywhere and in everything (not, however, that God is just the sum total of everything–He is so much more than that). For those who do not know what a “dust bunny” is, it is one of the names given to those small accretions of fluff that tend to form under furniture (they can also be called dust kittens or dust mice).


Dust Bunnies (Wikipedia)

Dust Bunnies (Wikipedia)


It is a wonderful concept:

That God lies behind everything,

Waiting to break forth

For those with eyes to see.

At first it causes us to think, perhaps,

Of a glorious sunset,

Or a landscape laid out before us.

The glory of God revealed through nature.

And then, as we pursue understanding,

We might see Him behind a cityscape,

Or in the hungry and homeless

On our TV and, later, in our streets.

But I sit here, watching a small dust bunny

moving across the floor in the breeze

And I realize that I don’t understand at all.

For, no matter how I squint,

It’s still a dust bunny.

And that’s when it hits me:

The Spirit has just taught me

About my ignorance of immanence

Through a dust bunny!

God is here, meeting me,

Despite my eyes,

Which still insist

It’s just a dust bunny.


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