God’s Memory

This is just a quick thought, rather than a full post. Been a difficult weekend as Rachel’s father had (another) stroke on Friday, so we have been away helping her mother and visiting her dad in the hospital since then.

In the car on the way to the hospital this afternoon, Rachel’s mother made a comment that started me thinking. We had been talking about the sat-nav and she said “when I was young I used to wonder how God could remember everything we said, but seeing all this technology just makes it seem much easier to believe”.  True, I thought, mostly what it takes is a huge amount of memory storage. But then I thought a bit more.

The amount of memory that it would take God to remember absolutely everything about the universe is truly vast. In fact, to store all of that information efficiently, you would basically end up with an exact duplicate universe. But God, not being bound by time as we are, doesn’t need that: He has the original that He can access at any place and any time. Thus one could say that God does not need to remember anything because it is all right there in His eternal present. Or, looking at it a bit differently, one could equally well say that the universe is God’s memory!

Think about it: Memory is something we need because we experience the universe one bit at a time in a strict sequence (called time). We don’t remember everything, and even what we do remember is more our experience of an event rather than what actually happened. And, of course, our memories change and evolve as we re-live and re-tell them. But none of that is true for God. God knew me before I was born not because He foresaw what I would be like, but because he was already with me in my future, and He doesn’t have to remember His promises because He is fulfilling them even as He makes them (from His perspective).

I need to think about this a bit more, but thought I would throw it out now and see if it provokes any thoughts in anyone else. Do comment if you have an idea.



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