I must admit that I love sonnets. This is one I wrote in the easier Shakespearean scheme (that is, the rhyme scheme has more parts, each of the four line bits having their own ABAB structure).


There is a freedom many people seek,
From outward bonds to be completely free,
To owe another service they think weak,
And value their supposed liberty.
Yet they in thrall to time’s resistless power,
Shall see the loss of all that they hold dear,
And at the last shall die, and in that hour
Their inner bondage will become quite clear.
Not I! For I my knee do gladly bend,
And gratefully accept the service due
To Him who would be master and my friend,
To die with Him, with Him be born anew.
To leave one bondage for another blessed,
Forsaking good and better, for the best.


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