Adam & Eve (Glasgow Cathedral)

Adam & Eve (Glasgow Cathedral)

Falling is a terrible thing:
The slip or trip,
The journey down,
And its painful, inevitable end.
That split second in space,
That suddenly lasts forever,
In which one sees the cause
And the result,
The coming pain,
And knows, in terrible certainty,
That gravity will win,
And that all the wishing in the world
Will not turn the ground
Into a pile of pillows.

Was it like that for Adam and Eve?
Was there that awful moment of clarity
As their teeth pierced the fruit?
Did they suddenly see
All they had had, and lost,
The coming pain?
Did they realize,
As they rushed, helpless, down,
That the curse was not theirs alone
But would echo down the years?

I suspect so, for I see
The same pattern
In my own falls.
And I know that the worst
Is not ones own pain
But watching the hurt splash out
Onto loved ones, friends, and strangers,
Knowing one is helpless
To change it.

But sometimes, falling as a child,
There was a parent
With loving arms
To help you up again.
And Adam and Eve
Along with the curse
Had the promise
Of salvation.
So, too, I
When things are darkest
And despair is winning
Seem to hear a quiet voice
Whispering hope.

For God Himself has taken a new name
And is, henceforth,


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